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What we need

HELP! We need help. The office work is outgrowing us (our time, our abilities, everything). 

We need somebody to take over some of the tasks that are part of having a circus company. More precisely: Help with selling our shows (reaching out to organizers/festivals, communicating about conditions, setting up contracts) and with the production side of things (communicating with partners, keeping budget up-to-date, tracking finances, organising the calendar,....organising the company).
Together with you we will set more precisely which tasks you are most comfortable with and want to take over - you won’t have to do all of these things by yourself.


What we need from you

  • Good skills in English and one of these languages: German, Dutch, French

  • Willingness to learn - you don’t have to know everything yet (but if you do already know everything you can still contact us)

  • Writing mails is fun to you

  • You know how to navigate a (slightly chaotic) Google Drive, and your way around Excel/Numbers, Word/Pages

  • No fear of numbers and budget plans

  • You can write invoices (meaning: you are self-employed and have a tax number)


What we offer to you

  • Becoming part a fun team (we really are fun a lot of the time)

  • Payment (per hour/day and share of each sold show)

  • Flexible working times (ca. 5 hours/week)

  • Working from home (where you live does not matter)

  • Autonomy: you decide when you want to work and how

  • If you have little or no experience in the circus field, do not fear. We will either way introduce you to how we worked so far, who our contacts are and all the rest of the shablam. 


Who we are

We are Sinking Sideways (probably you knew that already), a circus collective consisting of three people: Xenia Bannuscher (DE), Dries Vanwalle (BE), Raff Pringuet (BE). Our company is based in Belgium, but all three of us live more or less in Rotterdam (NL). We started our company in 2019 and created one show so far. It’s called René and it’s about one movement and you can find more info about it on our website. Currently we are in creation for our second show which is called Cécile. We are working mainly in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany at the moment, but we are busy expanding our network to other countries. And, to make that clear again, we need some help. 


Contact us!

If you want to be our savior, send us a mail to before January 7th and tell us a bit about yourself Also if you have questions.




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Ondernemingsnummer: 0759.407.258

Pictures taken by Kolja Huneck, Matthias Ziemer, Jonas Harnischmacher, Lily SchlinkerJostijnLigtvoetFotografie

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